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Compared with traditional wooden or iron fences, vinyl fences have many inherent advantages. For 15 years, as the market leader of the fence industry in China, the founder of Eny fence has traveled the world and attended a lot of exhibitions in order to continuously improve the PVC fence, providing excellent service and competitive price. As an internationally famous brand, Eny only uses 100% environmental virgin PVC to produce top degree quality fences that meet ASTM F964 and D1748 specification. Our material is supplemented with effective excipients such as ACR, CPE, titanium dioxide (TiO2) and stearic acid, which help making our products more reliable in extreme weather like high and low temperature, gales (130MPH) or strong ultraviolet. Our plastic fence has no need for regular maintenance, you do not need to repaint or stain vinyl for color fading. It also does not blister, peel, corrode or rot since it does not absorb moisture. Eny guarantees customers with a lifetime warranty and ensures satisfied buyers around the world. 


Eny can manufacture and supply more than 60 kinds of products including: vinyl privacy fence, picket fence, ranch rail fence, fence gates, fence caps, sign posts, planter boxs, railing & decking and hardware accessories. We can provide over 10 Colors such as white, gray, red, wood, beige for customers to choose from. Considering the different planning of each project, our fences can be designed to meet each situation. We can produce any length and width fences, or even create new styles for your unique imagination and taste. For professional buyers and local suppliers, Eny prefers to export fence profiles with optional thickness that are more flexible for commercial use. Eny is committed to providing clients with one-stop service. We also can output fence accessories like hinges, latches and notching tools. We are constantly developing new products to meet market demand. You can find any outdoor products in our store to enhance your home and the back yard.


Professional manufacturer of vinyl products

Eny have always valued the user experience, especially the product installation.

Over the years, we have continuously improved our progressive design solutions in order to allow customers to easily and quickly assemble plastic fences which saves time and labor. We commonly use 3 connection schemes and 3 post installation methods. 

Connection 1: Post routing & rail notched. 

This is our most common connection method, suitable for all fence installations and also is the easiest and cheapest way to connect. We make holes on the posts and notch the rails on both sides. You just need to gently stick the rails into the posts that the notches function to fix the connection with out other accessories. Similarly we connect rails and pickets in the same way, but be sure to pay attention to the direction or position when assembling. Once you finish the process, they are difficult to separate. We also supply notching & routing tools for vinyl fences.

Connection 2: Brackets

If customers need wood or iron inserted into their posts the fence connection might not work with notches, we usually use brackets in this case. One piece bracket including 4 screws and 4 holes covers it. It helps the post and rail to connect and stabilize while also making the fence more beautiful at the same time. Brackets are widely popular in picket fences and railings. Customers can adjust rail position to design their expected style easily. There are also railing brackets for stairs available.

Connection 3: Hangers & Ring

This connection method is generally used in temporary fence which makes fences removable. We mount hangers on the rails and rings on posts in advance. Sometimes you need a temporary barrier and will remove it later. You can pull out or put away fences conveniently with this hardware

Post installation 1: Concrete

In general, we recommend our customers to install posts in this way. You just need to dig a hole in the ground to insert the post and then pour approximately 100 lbs. of concrete into the hole to secure the post. Finally you fill the soil back to cover the concrete. This process provides a strong foundation for fences. You can find a detailed explanation of the steps in our download page.

Post installation 2: Flange post

If a client needs a fence stand or to fix it to the ground, we provide the flange post option which is easy to remove. We shorten posts and insert aluminum or a stainless iron flange post. This flange post can be nailed on the ground with 4 screws. After sliding a vinyl post over it, you need to connect them on the side with screws. flange post also can connect with a round base, which is mostly used in a temporary fence.

Post installation 3: Galvanized pipe

According to the law in SK Canada, we cannot dig a hole to bury a post so we use galvanized pipe instead. It is very fast to install posts with no digging or concrete required. There is one piece of pipe including 2 collars. These anchor kits help keep panels as stable as a concrete foundation. It’s also a good choice around the world.

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